Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Easter Rituals?

Life goes on.
Again, we find ourselves scurrying about tending to this life instead of preparing ourselves for the days that are ahead.
"I can't stop and ponder the significance of this day, this week..."
"The preacher will explain it all to us again on Sunday..."

Maundy Thursday? I don't know.
Good Friday?  That means I have two days off!
Passover?  Just some "Jewish" thing?
Easter Sunday?  Used to be a paid holiday.  Not any more.
I sincerely hope that's not all we know about it!

The busyness of Easter Week--
I do not have excuse.
I know so many that would say
"For this we have no use!"
I know so many others that
are clueless of the days;
but I will do my best to honor
Christ throughout The Days.

The busyness has built as I've
ignored the Living truth.
I've focused on prosperity,
not mercy, love and ruth.
Instead of pondering compassion
through His suffering,
I think of what to serve with ham,
and what desserts to bring.

But suffering and torture

filled Jesus' week back then!
And in my daily time with Him
I think of where He's been.
The misery He went through
for only me and you...
with all the time of Easter Week
what are you going to do?

What are you going to do?
What am I going to do?
Just read a few verses, write a few pages and return to the daily grind?  THERE'S GOT TO BE MORE!!
"Lord Jesus, please forgive me for making Your suffering and death just another reason to get together with someone else and eat!
Please help me to sink my heart into knowing all that You went through, the fullness of these days, and all of the LIFE that You purposed for us to know.  Amen"

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