Thursday, April 16, 2015

Contact them!

We all have people who have affected our lives in wonderful ways.  Have you heard from them lately?

Do you remember them and all
the fun we always had?
Remember that guy who joyfully
employed me and my dad?
Remember his two sons and the
respect they had for us?
Into the talents of my dad
they placed the greatest trust!

Do you remember them back then?
If so, pick up the phone!
While you are thinking of them, they
may be feeling 'alone.'
While you recall, they may be
wondering "Do any care?"
Call them!  Even visit them--

another moment share.

A card...a letter...or a phone call--
living to affect.
Check on one another, yes,
care to reconnect!
Don't just 'wonder...' don't just 'think of...'
call them one time more!
They may be wondering about YOU--
that's what friends are for!

There are so many people out there who wonder just that: "Does anybody care?"  Maybe it's an old friend.  Maybe a former customer.  Maybe even a family member.  Chances are, if they are on your heart, it may be the Holy Spirit telling you to contact them!

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