Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Behold, behold the Tree
erected but for me!
The Maker for to see
my very soul's debris.

Behold, behold the Man.

Fulfillment of One Plan.
Not any other can,
such distances, outspan!

Behold, behold the tomb-

environs of such gloom;
but temporary room--

Behold, behold the Lord

Whom death could not afford!
All life to be restored
in One that hosts adored!

Behold, behold desire

but for mankind entire!
Our Transport from the mire
to that locale much higher!

Behold, behold The One,

the One Begotten Son!
In Jesus "It is done!"
And now, won't you be one?

In spite of all that Jesus went through, He stills affords to every man the opportunity to be born again.

Because of all He went through, He is the only One to provide salvation, the only One to provide healing, the only One to provide eternal life!
This is a very painful week.  A week that no mere man could bear.  In spite of the pain and torture, He still reaches out to everyone with a living invitation to belong to Him.
Please don't pass it up!

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