Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Back to Walking

Jesus loves you and I.  It's that simple.
I must return to simplicity to yet again focus on the basics. 
I know that there are a lot of heavy things going on in the lives of my friends, my congregation and my readers. 
I ask God what to write about.  He gives me words that either bless Him, help someone or help me.
Tonight, He tells me to make it simple!

Jesus loves you...Jesus loves me...
Jesus loves us all.
There are so many living
revelations in The Call!
Sometimes, though, the deepest must
be set aside for "less?"
No!  The deepest be that love
He uses for to bless!

Set aside the tirade that would
scathe the ne'er-do-well...
skip the words that come so oft
condemning some to Hell!
Lay aside each argument
but only for a time,
reach out with both arms open wide,
into His lap to climb!

Too simple and too childish?
But we must come as such!
But a little child can know
the fullness of His touch!
Listen as, in His embrace,
the Lord begins to talk,
and take each word in deeply so
as you enjoy the walk!

So simple.
Accept this simplicity.  Enjoy this simplicity.  There will surely and shortly come a moment that is not so simple.
You will know what to do then.

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