Sunday, April 26, 2015

Along the banks

The river is rather quiet tonight as I walk along.  As I listen to it and watch the life around it, my heart is inspired once more and my song to Him begins...

"You are with me by the waters-
Your ways, they refresh;
You are with me in the valley-
Your path, it will bless!
You are with me on the mountain-
YOU I celebrate!
You are with me Jesus, Jesus-
beautiful and great!

No matter where I have to go,
I know You will be there;
No matter where I want to go,
this You also share;
No matter the assignment on
the Straight and Narrow Way,
I know that You will be with me-
mine every breath to weigh!

Jesus, Jesus, my Companion,
living deep within;
You love me, You provide for me,
You even take my sin!
So precious, Your accompaniment,
here, even on the shore.
For You cause life to be replete
wherever I explore!"

So wonderful to have fellowship with Creator God in His creation!
As often as you can, get out into nature and look, listen and feel for Him.  I promise that you will sense Him in some way!

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