Wednesday, April 29, 2015


If you recall, a few days ago the message was about calling or contacting those from your past that you may have lost contact with or have not heard from in a long time.  That comes to heart again today as we will have some visitors over that we haven't seen in a few years.
All that time and distance disappears as we know we will get to see them and the wonderful memories that are stirred upon thoughts of such!

Acquaintances from past ago-

'friends' have they become!
Then deeper that relationship
and 'family' be sum!
We shall gather once again,
oh, I can hardly wait!
It's only by the grace of God
that we can congregate!

"Thank You, Lord, for them that are

to dine with us today.
O join us at that table, Lord,
it's YOUR LOVE we convey!
That wonderful relationship
begun to honor You,
the same become the deepest now,
just look what we've been through!

Thank You for this gathering

and them that gather here.
Thank You for the faithfulness
that's kept us yet so near!
Thank You for the love that comes
as we draw near to You-
How precious be this 'family'
with meeting overdue!"

So much can come between us and those we love.  Once we begin to name those things, we realize that it is "life...," and how precious that life is as we are allowed to gather once again.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

You are wanted!

Jesus wants you.
Though He is King and owns everything, He still wants you!

Upon eternal Throne, He reigns!

We serve Him with a song!
Upon the billowed clouds He rides,
so mightily along!
Upon creation does He look,
His eye, it cannot miss!
Upon the heart of man He leans-
do not pass over this!

There He is!  See him in
His splendor, in His awe!
Here He comes!  Receiving those
in whom He finds no flaw!
There He goes!  Taking them
to Paradise eterne!
Will you be of that number going
when Christ does return?

See Him in His majesty

and give to him your soul!
Make sure that you hold nothing back,
give Him complete control!
He can do much more with you
than this life ever could!
He is loving...He is giving...
oh yes, HE IS GOOD!

Jesus Christ has everything.  He owns it all.

Jesus is more beautiful and glorious than anything we can imagine.
However, even though He has it all, Jesus Christ still wants you.  He desires you!
Invite Him to be your Savior today.  Be His and know His awe and spectacle.
You are wanted!

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Along the banks

The river is rather quiet tonight as I walk along.  As I listen to it and watch the life around it, my heart is inspired once more and my song to Him begins...

"You are with me by the waters-
Your ways, they refresh;
You are with me in the valley-
Your path, it will bless!
You are with me on the mountain-
YOU I celebrate!
You are with me Jesus, Jesus-
beautiful and great!

No matter where I have to go,
I know You will be there;
No matter where I want to go,
this You also share;
No matter the assignment on
the Straight and Narrow Way,
I know that You will be with me-
mine every breath to weigh!

Jesus, Jesus, my Companion,
living deep within;
You love me, You provide for me,
You even take my sin!
So precious, Your accompaniment,
here, even on the shore.
For You cause life to be replete
wherever I explore!"

So wonderful to have fellowship with Creator God in His creation!
As often as you can, get out into nature and look, listen and feel for Him.  I promise that you will sense Him in some way!

Friday, April 24, 2015


What’s after me.
What gifts remain
that will sustain?
Will that remain for which I am famous…or infamous?
Two children of my own…but how many individuals have I influenced?
A boy and a girl.  No, a man and a woman.  Successful adults.  But are there any other adults that look up to me?
Legacy.  Each of us has one, whether we are attempting to or not.  Every one of us affect this life for better or for worse.
What legacy have you created?
What legacy are you creating?
What legacy will you leave?

Dad is gone.  Physically.  I remember some of the things that he would rather forget, but 99% of the memories I have of him are things that I yet grow from and bless others with!
The memories others have of him continue to help them with something.
Legacy: one man affecting so many in positive ways.  What a legacy!
Daddy’s gone.  Really?!  No way!  Daddy is in our hearts, in our thoughts and in all that we do…constantly! 


Wednesday, April 22, 2015

THE Way of Life!

Integrity.  It is the way we MUST live. 
Everything we do has results...for better or for worse.
No matter what we do, we will have to answer for it. 
No matter how we obtain something, we will have give account of it.

"You know what is best for us,
You want the best, as well.
So many things inside our day-
but one RIGHT way to tell!
You have our steps ordained, oh Lord,
You have a perfect path,
and we ALL know a way also
that will incur Your wrath!

'Oh Father, what is best for us,'
make such our lone desire!
With Your Spirit living deep,
I have to not inquire!
But I must deny myself,
Your Cross to take, each day,
if I should stay the Straight and Narrow,
settled on The Way!

Regardless who we are or what position we hold, the same rules of integrity apply to us all.  The closer we are to God, we realize that the size of the issue does not matter, our actions do.  It can be the smallest thing, even insignificant to man, but God saw it, and He wants the best for us.
Are our thoughts and deeds reaping what is best for us?

THE Plan so real! real.  Jesus Christ is so real that He affects every part of living!  My motives...all are based on one single question that has affected the globe: "What would Jesus do?"

Jesus, Jesus, oh so mighty,

loving and so real,
Your reality in this life
I cannot conceal!
You are so good, You are so great,
so generous and true,
I go about the day, Lord, knowing
I am led by You.

There is purpose when I cannot

see it with my eyes...
there is reason, though it may
come as complete surprise!
And even if I never know
the reason for a thing,
You make sure that glory comes
of what this world may bring.

I do not understand...again...

but I know that You do!
Continue, I, therefore to yield
my living unto You!
For You, Lord, can accomplish more
than this man ever can;
I follow Your direction and
I celebrate Your Plan!"

Because I belong to Him, there is one other question that affects my daily life, "How will Jesus use what I am about to do or go through?"

For those of you that may have your arms in the air wondering about what's going on, start looking for ways that God can use your situation.  He may be just around the next corner!

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Holy Spirit REAL!!

"How come you can have the joy you have with all that is happening...?"
"How can you have that smile with what you are going through...?"
"How can you pray so boldly for them when you are having seizures...?"

I can do all of this by praying

"Holy Spirit, have Your way in me!
again, my heart to cry.
Shake me...move me...break me, too,
allowing me to fly!
No!  Allowing YOU to fly
through my life as I yield;
above all, God the Holy Spirit,
Do not be concealed by
the front I've mastered well...
be not concealed, resulting in
a dear one sent to Hell...
be not concealed by the lies
this world tells at length!
Rather, be that reality
whence we draw life and strength!
And Spirit, let us quench You not
by caring what men think,
but let us boldly go to them
with Jesus, God's ONE Link!
We can only do that in
the boldness and the power
that You are, so alive inside,
as we approach The Hour!"

Holy Spirit...Holy Ghost...THE Spirit...third Person of The Trinity...however you refer to Him, HE IS REAL!  And He is alive and moving inside of the people who allow Him access to live and move and breathe in and through them!!
Are you one of them?

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Contact them!

We all have people who have affected our lives in wonderful ways.  Have you heard from them lately?

Do you remember them and all
the fun we always had?
Remember that guy who joyfully
employed me and my dad?
Remember his two sons and the
respect they had for us?
Into the talents of my dad
they placed the greatest trust!

Do you remember them back then?
If so, pick up the phone!
While you are thinking of them, they
may be feeling 'alone.'
While you recall, they may be
wondering "Do any care?"
Call them!  Even visit them--

another moment share.

A card...a letter...or a phone call--
living to affect.
Check on one another, yes,
care to reconnect!
Don't just 'wonder...' don't just 'think of...'
call them one time more!
They may be wondering about YOU--
that's what friends are for!

There are so many people out there who wonder just that: "Does anybody care?"  Maybe it's an old friend.  Maybe a former customer.  Maybe even a family member.  Chances are, if they are on your heart, it may be the Holy Spirit telling you to contact them!

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Back to Walking

Jesus loves you and I.  It's that simple.
I must return to simplicity to yet again focus on the basics. 
I know that there are a lot of heavy things going on in the lives of my friends, my congregation and my readers. 
I ask God what to write about.  He gives me words that either bless Him, help someone or help me.
Tonight, He tells me to make it simple!

Jesus loves you...Jesus loves me...
Jesus loves us all.
There are so many living
revelations in The Call!
Sometimes, though, the deepest must
be set aside for "less?"
No!  The deepest be that love
He uses for to bless!

Set aside the tirade that would
scathe the ne'er-do-well...
skip the words that come so oft
condemning some to Hell!
Lay aside each argument
but only for a time,
reach out with both arms open wide,
into His lap to climb!

Too simple and too childish?
But we must come as such!
But a little child can know
the fullness of His touch!
Listen as, in His embrace,
the Lord begins to talk,
and take each word in deeply so
as you enjoy the walk!

So simple.
Accept this simplicity.  Enjoy this simplicity.  There will surely and shortly come a moment that is not so simple.
You will know what to do then.

Monday, April 13, 2015

So busy

The very first thing I should be doing each day is spending time with the Lord and finding out what He wants me to do.  Ideally.  Sometimes, I start something small "just to get it out of the way" and then go pray.  Sometimes, I realize around late afternoon that my morning prayer time is still waiting...

"My Lord, here am I finally,
the day is fairly spent.
I had so much to do in town,
with me, Lord, You went.
So many folks to talk with, Lord,
You waited for Your turn-
Now here we are, just You and I...
when am I going to learn?

Your patience is so beautiful-
You speak to me always;
You communicate with me
in oh so many ways;
You direct me even when
I come, Lord, only now!
You fellowship yet with me freely-
o blessed be Your vow!"

Finally with Jesus, not
a thing to interrupt.
I know that I shall be restored
after we have supped!
All the day together we
in all that I have done;
but now the most significant:
"Thy will, oh Lord, be done!"

Surely God has your steps ordered.  There is so much to do in so many ways that we could spend our entire day doing good things.  We can't let those good deeds, however, distract us from that which is MOST valuable: time with God!

Sunday, April 12, 2015


But there is ALWAYS hope, and JESUS is His Name!

Is hope then for the "hopeless..."?

when all, when all seems lost?
But Jesus, He is Hope and He
has fully paid the cost!
Don't worry that you have not much
to give Him in return,
for He asks naught of what we've got!
O when, when will we learn?

"Hopeless" is a state, a feeling,
sometimes a location,
but it is not one "permanent"
with Jesus in relation!
He sees what you just cannot see,
He knows what you do not,
and every step that you will take
already has He got!

Is there, then, a "hopeless?"
Only through our eyes.
Therefore, look ye with the heart,
and cling to His surprise!
There is hope in Jesus ALWAYS,
not just "here and there..."
Embrace Him as Your saving Lord,
and have Hope everywhere!!

The money is running out...but there is hope!
The doctor told us his diagnosis...but there is hope!
I don't feel good today...but there is hope!
Jesus is far and above what we see, think or feel...but He is not above reaching out to you when you call His Name.  That's all it takes to get hope.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

New Life!

Early Spring day...perfect temperature.  "Spring cleaning" is over...Spring "projects" remain.
Yesterday, we spoke about "giants."  We all have them in our lives, and they differ amongst us each.  Today, my wife faced several of the giants in her life...AND WON!!  Too, I must say, the results of that victory are quite beautiful!

Beautiful, the Spring;
so new be everything!
Visions to command
by what she's done by hand!
The landscape--her design!
Her strength...her arms...not mine!
Her strength?!  Nope!  Father God--
and His ways we applaud!

"Her progress--THANK YOU, LORD!
So much have You restored!
And freely do You share
what NEVER has been there!
So blessed, oh God; You bless!
Your Name do we profess
and victory we see
as You heal such as we!"

Today, my wife overtook several of the giants that have been harassing her.  What she accomplished may seem very minor to some, but if you have not been capable of it for several years, it is a MAJOR victory!

Thursday, April 9, 2015


...or so they seem!
So many things in our every day can amount to "giants" if we let them.  But we don't have to!  God is so good to us.  All we must do is call out His Name and He is right there!  Only then can we gain the scope of what is going on and be reminded that no matter how big it seems, God is still bigger and in control!

That situation with a friend...
that bill that's coming due...
that hospital report that's coming
about someone...or you...
there are so very many things
that 'giant' could become!
We must release them unto God

lest 'panic' be the sum!

Giants are in each one's life-
no one is immune!
But they are tamed by God Most High,
the One Who is Triune!
He knows what you can handle,
He knows what you cannot,
therefore, securely in His palm,
your whole life He has got!!

Oh tell to Him your giants,
converse with Him of all!
Then see them through the eyes of God
and see that they are small!
He will tell you...He will show you...
He will give you peace!
Oh, everything about your life,
into His hands release!

Yes, there are GIANTS in this life, but none are greater than the God that loves you more than you can imagine!
Trust Him with ____________.  He can surely handle it!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

You Love Him, too!

I love Him so...I love Him so!
This great God that I surely know
He takes such perfect care of me--
He knows the things I cannot see!
He has tomorrow in His palm.
Thus only He can bid me calm
when just today might overwhelm!
I'm so glad He controls the helm!

I love Him so!  Yes, this is true.
He also has the best for you!
Commit your every step to Him,
and He'll direct each one of them.

Verses so simple...words so wise.  No matter what is happening in your life, it will be more peaceful if Jesus is your Lord and Savior!
Knowing Him will not stop every trial and pain, but you won't go through it alone: you'll got through them with The One Who knows what is beyond it all!
Isn't that comforting?

Monday, April 6, 2015


"I call Your Name and You respond-
You are so very great!
Your strength--it is available,
I do not have to wait!
Your Presence--it is right beside,
I never am alone!
You are God, my Father God,
and I'm Your very own!

Wonderful relationship:

Father, Spirit, Son!
Miraculous relationship:
we are, yes, WE ARE ONE!!
It isn't just a monologue
when He and I converse,
it is the greatest dialogue
in all the universe!!

I call Your Name and You are here

with answers on the way!
I look into Your eyes- so very
much do they convey!
What beautiful relationship:
the Trinity and I!
I will promote Your love always
and, of You, testify!"

Yes, I love Jesus! 

Just in case you missed it in those verses, I LOVE GOD AND HE LOVES ME!  He told me so.  He tells me constantly!  And He loves you, too!  He is just waiting to show you how much!
Let Him!

Sunday, April 5, 2015


Early, early Sunday morning...Easter.  What are you doing today?

Sing a song of resurrection:

Death--it has been conquered and
now living, it may thrive!
All that has been talked about
the things that Jesus said,
they all are verified as

Glory, we have life anew
through Jesus and His love!
Glory, we have healing now,
through Jesus precious blood!
Glory, we have life eternal
where He said He goes!
Relationship divine as each
of His own chosen knows!

What a song of glory--HE IS
"Jesus, Jesus is alive!"
go tell it to all men!
Everyone who is alive
can now have second birth!
Father God but reaffirming,
to our hearts, our worth!

WHAT A SONG!  WHAT A TRUTH!  WHAT A GIFT:  Jesus Christ alive again to save us and redeem us as His Own!  Don't just think of today as marshmallows and candy baskets!  Know what Father God did FOR YOU through Jesus Christ and dedicate your life to Him!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Saturday Night

What a week!
Seven days of things happening so far out of the norm that even the finest writer could not compose...
Saturday night.  The One we loved so dearly went through a week that no man could survive!!  Tomorrow will be three days.  He said on several occasions that He would rise on the third day.  Is it only now that we pay attention?

Streets and byways quiet-
is there expectation?
So many things He caused upon
this city and this nation!
Now, He said that He will rise-
do ANY understand?!
Just in case, a sentry at
His tomb has taken stand.
Is it for a purpose?
Is it even real?!
The fact that He was tortured and
He hung there...who can feel!
We heard His words so living,
His stories, told with love;
Took we each of His provision
summoned from above;
He seemed to look into our eyes
and see what no one could!
And now He is inside the tomb?
Are 'memories' any good?!
But memories are all we have
until the morrow come,
then, the mysteries He was,
then to know the sum!!

Streets and byways quiet...
empty avenues...
but still abuzz with Who He was
and so much other news!

I can't imagine the emotions that the disciples (and the residents!) went through and were feeling the night before.  How would you feel?  Put yourself there, unaware of "the rest of the story," and imagine their pain...their fear...their excitement...

Friday, April 3, 2015

What "Good?"

So many events today.
So many painful memories for us.
So much anger over what has been done to Him!!

After all He said to us

I can't believe He's gone!
The Kingship...His eternal reign...
the vows go on and on.
He suffered all throughout the week-
torture...beatings...the Cross...
Now He's secure inside the grave-
so great, so great a loss!

How could He be not here with us-

so mighty and so wise?!
Surely He could have escaped
the ones who yet despise!!
the crowds cry out in rage!
I guess He wasn't quite THE Ruler...
turn another page...

Arrested in the garden...

betrayed with a kiss...
tortured for His silence-
no detail would He miss.
Going through it all with all
of mankind on His mind?
Going through it all that only
ONE WAY man could find?

So hard to grasp that He's not here.

His power was so very clear!!
The torture...pain...and now the Cross...
"My God, my God, what massive loss."

What massive loss. 

The One Who taught us so much...
The One Who said He would lead us...
The One Who told us to follow Him and we would have He has no life!
What are we going to do?

Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Behold, behold the Tree
erected but for me!
The Maker for to see
my very soul's debris.

Behold, behold the Man.

Fulfillment of One Plan.
Not any other can,
such distances, outspan!

Behold, behold the tomb-

environs of such gloom;
but temporary room--

Behold, behold the Lord

Whom death could not afford!
All life to be restored
in One that hosts adored!

Behold, behold desire

but for mankind entire!
Our Transport from the mire
to that locale much higher!

Behold, behold The One,

the One Begotten Son!
In Jesus "It is done!"
And now, won't you be one?

In spite of all that Jesus went through, He stills affords to every man the opportunity to be born again.

Because of all He went through, He is the only One to provide salvation, the only One to provide healing, the only One to provide eternal life!
This is a very painful week.  A week that no mere man could bear.  In spite of the pain and torture, He still reaches out to everyone with a living invitation to belong to Him.
Please don't pass it up!

Easter Rituals?

Life goes on.
Again, we find ourselves scurrying about tending to this life instead of preparing ourselves for the days that are ahead.
"I can't stop and ponder the significance of this day, this week..."
"The preacher will explain it all to us again on Sunday..."

Maundy Thursday? I don't know.
Good Friday?  That means I have two days off!
Passover?  Just some "Jewish" thing?
Easter Sunday?  Used to be a paid holiday.  Not any more.
I sincerely hope that's not all we know about it!

The busyness of Easter Week--
I do not have excuse.
I know so many that would say
"For this we have no use!"
I know so many others that
are clueless of the days;
but I will do my best to honor
Christ throughout The Days.

The busyness has built as I've
ignored the Living truth.
I've focused on prosperity,
not mercy, love and ruth.
Instead of pondering compassion
through His suffering,
I think of what to serve with ham,
and what desserts to bring.

But suffering and torture

filled Jesus' week back then!
And in my daily time with Him
I think of where He's been.
The misery He went through
for only me and you...
with all the time of Easter Week
what are you going to do?

What are you going to do?
What am I going to do?
Just read a few verses, write a few pages and return to the daily grind?  THERE'S GOT TO BE MORE!!
"Lord Jesus, please forgive me for making Your suffering and death just another reason to get together with someone else and eat!
Please help me to sink my heart into knowing all that You went through, the fullness of these days, and all of the LIFE that You purposed for us to know.  Amen"