Sunday, March 1, 2015

While life goes on...

Sometimes, there is something going on in life that you would give just about anything to be a part of.  Such is happening right now as my momma goes through some health issues:

Living life while life goes on-

it surely must be done.
One day at a time sometimes
can be not very fun!
Living here, life happens there-
in both we cannot be;
I fold my hands and pray, and distance
is much less to see!

We all have friends and family
that live not somewhere near,
and life events take place that cause
frustration, pain, and fear!
But God, BUT GOD helps bridge the gap
that, closer we may be,
and as we stand upon His Word
His touch we'll surely see!

Life is happening back there  
where loved ones are residing.
Prayer is going on back here-
with God are we confiding!
Oh that I could be there just
to hold my mother's hand,
but faithfully, here where I must be,
in the gap I stand!

In the gap I stand.  Praying for mom to THE God Who answers prayer. 
Praying and waiting...hoping and trusting...all while God is hearing and answering.
He is so faithful!

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