Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Way to Somewhere

Just moving along...wandering?  Sort of.  But I know that my steps are ordered and God Most High is in control!

On my way to somewhere; I'm led.
Based upon the Spirit's move
and the words He's said.
He leads me, He directs me,
He talks to me, also;
On a road to somewhere-
HE knows where I will go!

When I have no direction...
when not an answer be...
I know that God is in control
and taking care of me!

On my way to somewhere-
Jesus' steps to trace.
I can hear His voice and I
can look into His face,
and I can read His Promise
assuring me the route!
On my way to somewhere-
His trust it's all about!

Have you been on this road?
Are you on this road right now?
Call out the Name of Jesus and ask Him what your next move is.  Yes, He is that real and, yes, He will guide and direct you!

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