Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Entry

What would you expect to see? Of a truth, there was expectation about those times! But who could know?! Put yourself there. What are you looking for?

Who could see a chariot
as having four bent legs?
Who could fathom royalty
embracing one that begs?
Who could see a coronation
carried out with scourge?
Who could see One Man come,
mine every sin to purge?

Who could see? But lest YOU see
the wonder of it all,
you will have missed the fullness and
the purpose of His call!
He will not come as you expect;
receive Him anyway,
knowing He's the Truth, the Life,
the one and only Way!

The poorest and the weakest knew
the coming of The King!
The heavens and the very rocks,
in unison, to sing!
One only to withstand that week
that would affect all time!
Allow YOUR very spirit enter
that triumphant chime!!

What/who do you see?  It depends on what you are looking for and what you are looking with.

You are probably not going to see Jesus if you are looking for one of today's leaders.  You must defy your own expectations to behold the wonder and the glory of Who He is!  Do so and cling to Him with all your heart!

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