Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Such Generosity!

Father God.  So giving:

"Thank You for Your generosity;
thank You for the worth You see in me!
Thank You for the love You have for me;
o thank You, God, for life so very free!"

Life so very free.  Hmmm...free.  Free?  For whom?
Of a truth Jesus Christ is Life freely provided for each of us, but it certainly wasn't "free."  Jesus Christ paid a very dear price for it.  God the Father paid a very dear price for it!  The price was paid because it was so costly that no human could provide it.  Does that make it "free?"

"Once again, Your generosity
has paid for life eterne for such as we!
A price that none of us could ever pay,
that moment that the Father turned away."

That single moment when God turned His head.  He couldn't bear to watch His only Son die?  But out of His generosity, He wasn't thinking of His only begotten Son, He was thinking of us, realizing that there was no other way for us to be with Him.  And that's what He wanted even more than His Own Son: for us to have fellowship with Him.
How generous!

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