Sunday, March 22, 2015

Service before serving

Early Sunday morning.
Again, at church before the crowd.  A few others are here but, most important of all, Jesus is here as we prepare.
I realize that in just a few weeks, the most glorious of promises is again celebrated!

The time of year has come-
a season and a day!
A way of life is with us:
the Truth, the life, The Way!
He is come...He is risen...
With Him abiding in our hearts,
for sure, we will arrive!

But oh, but oh the journey
unto that holy Day,
it shall be filled with living with
the Truth, the Life, The Way!
He IS and wants to be involved
in everything we do!
He IS...and all His every ways
are loving and so true!

The time of Year has come-
but that time shall never end!
He is Savior, He is Friend!
Give Him your time and know that time,
that time will ALWAYS be,
that time of Jesus Christ-
He is our life and victory!

That celebrated day is only a few weeks away, but we don't have to wait until then to celebrate the Life that we have in Jesus Christ!  He is worthy to be praised and honored daily...indeed CONSTANTLY!
O make Him Lord of your life today and KNOW the wholeness of the festivities!

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