Saturday, March 28, 2015

Life in motion

In motion?
But look around.  There is hardly any movement at all!

Witnessing the peace-
silence over all...
Movement--each and all--decreases
in the morning call.
Life itself decreases?
The opposite be true!
In the silence, in the stillness,
life--it is anew!

Though movement be invisible,
life, for sure, abounds
minus any motions...
minus any sounds...
Beauty surely is alive
and everywhere at all!
Listen with the eyes and truly
hear Creator's call!

Witnessing serenity
while in the Presence of
God Almighty, God Creator,
God, the King of Love!

Yes, life--it is alive!  There is constant motion that might be invisible to the eye, but life is alive according to the order that God set before time was established.  I don't understand that, but it's true!

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