Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lewis and Becky

What a day!
A long day it was, filled with the gamut of emotion!  As day comes to an end, more of reality sets in: our Pastor and his wife are moving.
We held a reception for them today.  Here is my contribution to that reception:

A leader now is leaving;
his presence here no longer.
He taught us much about our Lord.
Because of him, we're stronger.
He helped us learn
by living life his way,
but he included each of us
as he lived life each day!

The leader now is leaving,
but we are not without
because he has prepared two men
and leaves with us no doubt!
And because our Risen Lord
has chosen and anointed
these two able servants that,
divinely, are appointed!

The leader now is leaving-
just his presence, though.
His spirit and his heart remain
in ways we surely know!
His smile, compassion and understanding
will be here always;
and we commit them both to God
to Whom we give all praise!

Please join me in praying for Lewis and Becky.  The task that they had to do here is completed, and now God has called them to another one.  Wherever that place is, they are receiving a great blessing in two wonderful people!
Thanks for the memories,

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