Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Just to Visit

"Dear Jesus, have I come of late
seeking not to supplicate?
My motive, solitaire, be to
converse and sup, oh Lord, with You!

Blessed Jesus, here I be;
and such is the intent of me:
only to reiterate
You are so good!  You are so great!
I love You, Lord, You King of Love!
You shepherd me from up above;
You walk with me, right here beside;
and, deep within me, You reside.
And savor, I, Your gentle hand
as You now, beside me, stand.
Too, I desire You to know
I appreciate You so!

What a blessing--gazing far
as You, oh Lord, beside me are!
Thank You so for being here.
You are a Friend, so very dear!
Leave me never, this I pray
throughout each numbered, earthly day;
and each event, go with me through.
I will do my best for You!"

Open conversation with God Himself.  No complaining.  No shopping list.  Just communing with the Maker and Creator of...everything!
My day is complete.

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