Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Just doin' time..."

It seems like we run into so many people as we live that seem to have that attitude. 
Who cares?

"Make me to have compassion, Lord,
on those 'just passing by...'
Each of them have purpose-
'Let them see it!' this, I cry!
Each of them contains potential,
each of them has worth.
Back and forth...but there is reason
each of them had birth!

Make me to have compassion and
attempt, Lord, to reach out.
Help me help them to try and see
what life is all about.
Some of them are angry; some with
chip upon the shoulder;
some are absolutely clueless
as they're growing older.
Make me to have Your empathy
and love them anyway.
Their condition may not be
a place they have to stay!
But even where they are right now
they need Your love and mine,
and that can only happen, Lord,
in ways that are Divine!"

Who cares?
Does it take Divine intervention for you to care about "them?"  Are you one of "them?"  Each and all of us are "them!"  We must love and care for and about one another.  God loves us the way we are.  How could we do any less?

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