Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jesus, so real!

Jesus--the reality
of everything You are!
The images from ages seek
to cover up each scar?
O let our words, let our love
not soften Your resolve,
but, Lord, in Your 'reality,'
o make us to involve!

My Lord, there's so much life in You,
there's also pain and death.
All that You have done would cause
the same to have such breath!
I know Your life was far from pleasant,
You--God's very Son!
How painful, therefore, be the words
"Not mine, but Thine be done!"

Jesus, Jesus, resurrection,
Life and life anew!
Unto Your heart, unto the Cross,
o Savior, keep me true!
I will not take for granted, nor
advantage will I take,
but ever, of Your sacrifice
and sufferings, partake!

Have you partaken of Jesus Christ?  It's not all singing and celebrating.  Sometimes, it is suffering.  Not everybody wants to hear that.  Sometimes, it is sacrificing.  (Even fewer want to hear that!)  But it is all worth it!!  JESUS CHRIST IS WORTH IT!

Won't you find out for yourself?  And when you do, never lose sight of that relevance!

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