Friday, March 27, 2015

Is it too late?

If you recall, the last message was about my birthday.  So very many kind folks sent cards, gifts or even just a word on the computer wishing me a great day.  God has blessed me abundantly!
As I reflect upon it, very few asked what I would like for my birthday.  That sounds a bit selfish, but hear me out: if there is one thing I would like for my birthday more than anything else, it would be to hear that Trumpet Blast announcing Jesus' return!!

"Come quickly, Lord and Savior,
we long for Your return!
O take us to that Perfect Place
that, for so long, we yearn!
To be there in Your Presence
where absent be all time...
to walk with You and talk with You,
but God, would be sublime!

We long for Your return, oh Lord;
come quickly, even so!
The realness of Your Presence
so desire we to know!
You are so real in our lives
but each and every day,
o but face-to-face would we
desire, Lord, for aye!

Jesus, Jesus, come again
and take us to the Place
You have prepared for us so we
can see You face-to-face!
Paradise--Your Presence, Lord,
'SO BE IT!' this, I cry!
O sound that Trumpet Blast that so
enables us to fly!"

What a wonderful birthday gift that would be!
What a wonderful "any time" gift that would be!
The gift is already ours.  It's only a matter of time.  His time.

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