Sunday, March 22, 2015


Early, early in prayer. 
As I look out across creation, my heart sings out

"Father, o my Father, You are love!
You care for us right here...and high above.
We trust You.  We depend on You always.
You are worthy of our constant praise!
Father God, o Father God, we sing
our thanks to You--it is for everything!
You are good, and there is none like You!
We commit, Lord, all we say and do.
Father God, our canopy You are.
You care for us, and never from afar!
You cover us, envelope us and then
You favor us and bless us amongst men.

Father God, mine everything and all.
So grateful I responded to Your call!
So fortunate is this man to belong!
So beautiful, so glorious that Song!"

So glorious that Song, that beautiful melody that flows as you cling to God with all of your being!
Early, early, He is the first One I call, the first One I hear, the first One I see...the very cry of my heart!


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