Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy Birthday!

I want to thank all of you for the birthday cards and wishes!  I am blessed and very humbled at the outpouring of love that you have expressed!

I am so very fortunate,
I am so very blessed!
I am so very humbled by
the love that's been expressed!
Hearing from so many that
I hear from not too much,
yet on one day I realize
that we are still in touch!

I am so very fortunate,
I am so very blessed!
I have so many gifts from God,
how can I be distressed?!
The favor that He shows me

right now and EVERY day-
it is affirmation on
the Straight and Narrow Way!

So blessed and highly favored-
so be His every child!
You are chosen!  You are loved!
You are reconciled!
All of this from God alone...
and then so many friends!
The gift of grace that He provides
it never, ever ends!

I am so blessed.  WE are so blessed!  With God as our Father and Jesus as our Savior, we are loved and blessed no matter what happens in this life!  ENJOY!

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