Monday, March 2, 2015

FINALLY!! looks like quite a bit of snow melted overnight!  Is that a cardinal over there?  Are those Blue Jays in that tree?  Are those actually blossoms?!  Praise God!

Hints of season finally!
C'mon Spring, arrive!
I hear the hints in songs of birds
so glad to be alive!
I hear it in the voices of
each weary winter laster;
I hear it in all living crying
"Come, oh Spring, come faster!"

But hints of season I behold
as I'm with God this dawn:
the Blue Jays and the Cardinals
are playing on the lawn!
The squirrels, those great acrobats,
are flying through the limbs,
and I enjoy it all as I
am here reciting hymns!!

So very blessed am I to see
and hear the season's change!
Even to ingest the scent
that order can arrange!
How wonderful, the Father to
cause life be seen and heard,
and even tasted as He comes
and gives without a word!

So wonderful again!  Creator God slowly dropping hints that Spring is just around the corner!  Hang on, ye winter-weary, life is about to happen again!

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