Monday, March 16, 2015

Changing to the same!

God is so good.
The Word says that His mercies are new every morning, and yet the same Word tells us that He changes not.
I don't understand...

"You are so unpredictable...
though You are changing not;
everything about You, Lord,
I want or I have got!
You bless me and You steady me
upon the Narrow Way;
though I possess so many words,
there's not enough to say!

There's not enough to say...
there's not enough to say...
You give me something else to write
but each and every day!
Something new to glorify You...
something new to bless...
something very positive
about You to profess!

You are so unpredictable,
so wonderful, also!
The fullness of Your wonder, God-
impossible to know,
revealed, though, throughout the day
as I abide with You!
You are so unpredictable,
and yet so very true!"

Father God.  So wonderful!

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