Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Just to Visit

"Dear Jesus, have I come of late
seeking not to supplicate?
My motive, solitaire, be to
converse and sup, oh Lord, with You!

Blessed Jesus, here I be;
and such is the intent of me:
only to reiterate
You are so good!  You are so great!
I love You, Lord, You King of Love!
You shepherd me from up above;
You walk with me, right here beside;
and, deep within me, You reside.
And savor, I, Your gentle hand
as You now, beside me, stand.
Too, I desire You to know
I appreciate You so!

What a blessing--gazing far
as You, oh Lord, beside me are!
Thank You so for being here.
You are a Friend, so very dear!
Leave me never, this I pray
throughout each numbered, earthly day;
and each event, go with me through.
I will do my best for You!"

Open conversation with God Himself.  No complaining.  No shopping list.  Just communing with the Maker and Creator of...everything!
My day is complete.

Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Entry

What would you expect to see? Of a truth, there was expectation about those times! But who could know?! Put yourself there. What are you looking for?

Who could see a chariot
as having four bent legs?
Who could fathom royalty
embracing one that begs?
Who could see a coronation
carried out with scourge?
Who could see One Man come,
mine every sin to purge?

Who could see? But lest YOU see
the wonder of it all,
you will have missed the fullness and
the purpose of His call!
He will not come as you expect;
receive Him anyway,
knowing He's the Truth, the Life,
the one and only Way!

The poorest and the weakest knew
the coming of The King!
The heavens and the very rocks,
in unison, to sing!
One only to withstand that week
that would affect all time!
Allow YOUR very spirit enter
that triumphant chime!!

What/who do you see?  It depends on what you are looking for and what you are looking with.

You are probably not going to see Jesus if you are looking for one of today's leaders.  You must defy your own expectations to behold the wonder and the glory of Who He is!  Do so and cling to Him with all your heart!

Passion Week

Broken and damaged…but loved.
Abused and embezzled…but steadfast.
“Corrupted…” yet beautiful.
His grace is sufficient.
The opposite of what the world sees or is looking for…but that is why He is able to be Jesus. 

I have to make these words beautiful so that people will be “impressed.”
There is nothing beautiful or impressive about this week. 
It is painful.
It is disgusting.
It is horrible.
But we must go through the next seven days!
We can do it with ease…if we ignore what each day truly is.
I can get through it with ease if I fail or neglect to write the truth.
Candy…bunnies…baskets…that’s easy!!
Oh, for grace!

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Life in motion

In motion?
But look around.  There is hardly any movement at all!

Witnessing the peace-
silence over all...
Movement--each and all--decreases
in the morning call.
Life itself decreases?
The opposite be true!
In the silence, in the stillness,
life--it is anew!

Though movement be invisible,
life, for sure, abounds
minus any motions...
minus any sounds...
Beauty surely is alive
and everywhere at all!
Listen with the eyes and truly
hear Creator's call!

Witnessing serenity
while in the Presence of
God Almighty, God Creator,
God, the King of Love!

Yes, life--it is alive!  There is constant motion that might be invisible to the eye, but life is alive according to the order that God set before time was established.  I don't understand that, but it's true!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Is it too late?

If you recall, the last message was about my birthday.  So very many kind folks sent cards, gifts or even just a word on the computer wishing me a great day.  God has blessed me abundantly!
As I reflect upon it, very few asked what I would like for my birthday.  That sounds a bit selfish, but hear me out: if there is one thing I would like for my birthday more than anything else, it would be to hear that Trumpet Blast announcing Jesus' return!!

"Come quickly, Lord and Savior,
we long for Your return!
O take us to that Perfect Place
that, for so long, we yearn!
To be there in Your Presence
where absent be all time...
to walk with You and talk with You,
but God, would be sublime!

We long for Your return, oh Lord;
come quickly, even so!
The realness of Your Presence
so desire we to know!
You are so real in our lives
but each and every day,
o but face-to-face would we
desire, Lord, for aye!

Jesus, Jesus, come again
and take us to the Place
You have prepared for us so we
can see You face-to-face!
Paradise--Your Presence, Lord,
'SO BE IT!' this, I cry!
O sound that Trumpet Blast that so
enables us to fly!"

What a wonderful birthday gift that would be!
What a wonderful "any time" gift that would be!
The gift is already ours.  It's only a matter of time.  His time.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Happy Birthday!

I want to thank all of you for the birthday cards and wishes!  I am blessed and very humbled at the outpouring of love that you have expressed!

I am so very fortunate,
I am so very blessed!
I am so very humbled by
the love that's been expressed!
Hearing from so many that
I hear from not too much,
yet on one day I realize
that we are still in touch!

I am so very fortunate,
I am so very blessed!
I have so many gifts from God,
how can I be distressed?!
The favor that He shows me

right now and EVERY day-
it is affirmation on
the Straight and Narrow Way!

So blessed and highly favored-
so be His every child!
You are chosen!  You are loved!
You are reconciled!
All of this from God alone...
and then so many friends!
The gift of grace that He provides
it never, ever ends!

I am so blessed.  WE are so blessed!  With God as our Father and Jesus as our Savior, we are loved and blessed no matter what happens in this life!  ENJOY!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

"Just doin' time..."

It seems like we run into so many people as we live that seem to have that attitude. 
Who cares?

"Make me to have compassion, Lord,
on those 'just passing by...'
Each of them have purpose-
'Let them see it!' this, I cry!
Each of them contains potential,
each of them has worth.
Back and forth...but there is reason
each of them had birth!

Make me to have compassion and
attempt, Lord, to reach out.
Help me help them to try and see
what life is all about.
Some of them are angry; some with
chip upon the shoulder;
some are absolutely clueless
as they're growing older.
Make me to have Your empathy
and love them anyway.
Their condition may not be
a place they have to stay!
But even where they are right now
they need Your love and mine,
and that can only happen, Lord,
in ways that are Divine!"

Who cares?
Does it take Divine intervention for you to care about "them?"  Are you one of "them?"  Each and all of us are "them!"  We must love and care for and about one another.  God loves us the way we are.  How could we do any less?


Early, early in prayer. 
As I look out across creation, my heart sings out

"Father, o my Father, You are love!
You care for us right here...and high above.
We trust You.  We depend on You always.
You are worthy of our constant praise!
Father God, o Father God, we sing
our thanks to You--it is for everything!
You are good, and there is none like You!
We commit, Lord, all we say and do.
Father God, our canopy You are.
You care for us, and never from afar!
You cover us, envelope us and then
You favor us and bless us amongst men.

Father God, mine everything and all.
So grateful I responded to Your call!
So fortunate is this man to belong!
So beautiful, so glorious that Song!"

So glorious that Song, that beautiful melody that flows as you cling to God with all of your being!
Early, early, He is the first One I call, the first One I hear, the first One I see...the very cry of my heart!


Service before serving

Early Sunday morning.
Again, at church before the crowd.  A few others are here but, most important of all, Jesus is here as we prepare.
I realize that in just a few weeks, the most glorious of promises is again celebrated!

The time of year has come-
a season and a day!
A way of life is with us:
the Truth, the life, The Way!
He is come...He is risen...
With Him abiding in our hearts,
for sure, we will arrive!

But oh, but oh the journey
unto that holy Day,
it shall be filled with living with
the Truth, the Life, The Way!
He IS and wants to be involved
in everything we do!
He IS...and all His every ways
are loving and so true!

The time of Year has come-
but that time shall never end!
He is Savior, He is Friend!
Give Him your time and know that time,
that time will ALWAYS be,
that time of Jesus Christ-
He is our life and victory!

That celebrated day is only a few weeks away, but we don't have to wait until then to celebrate the Life that we have in Jesus Christ!  He is worthy to be praised and honored daily...indeed CONSTANTLY!
O make Him Lord of your life today and KNOW the wholeness of the festivities!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Such Generosity!

Father God.  So giving:

"Thank You for Your generosity;
thank You for the worth You see in me!
Thank You for the love You have for me;
o thank You, God, for life so very free!"

Life so very free.  Hmmm...free.  Free?  For whom?
Of a truth Jesus Christ is Life freely provided for each of us, but it certainly wasn't "free."  Jesus Christ paid a very dear price for it.  God the Father paid a very dear price for it!  The price was paid because it was so costly that no human could provide it.  Does that make it "free?"

"Once again, Your generosity
has paid for life eterne for such as we!
A price that none of us could ever pay,
that moment that the Father turned away."

That single moment when God turned His head.  He couldn't bear to watch His only Son die?  But out of His generosity, He wasn't thinking of His only begotten Son, He was thinking of us, realizing that there was no other way for us to be with Him.  And that's what He wanted even more than His Own Son: for us to have fellowship with Him.
How generous!

Monday, March 16, 2015


Season comes to end;
finally...a friend!
O come ye, life anew;
sweet Spring, we welcome you!

Goodbye to winter pain;
hello to healing rain!
Goodbye to bitter cold;
life...o life behold!

Season to behold and all around.
So welcome is the sight...the scent...the sound!
Spring, we're so excited you are here!
God is good and, in you, He's so near!

Finally, a break from the oppressive winter that we have had!  We so look forward (as we have been doing for weeks!) to the blooms, blossoms and all of the new life that Spring promises!
We praise God Most High for setting this divine order in motion, giving us so much to look forward to!

Changing to the same!

God is so good.
The Word says that His mercies are new every morning, and yet the same Word tells us that He changes not.
I don't understand...

"You are so unpredictable...
though You are changing not;
everything about You, Lord,
I want or I have got!
You bless me and You steady me
upon the Narrow Way;
though I possess so many words,
there's not enough to say!

There's not enough to say...
there's not enough to say...
You give me something else to write
but each and every day!
Something new to glorify You...
something new to bless...
something very positive
about You to profess!

You are so unpredictable,
so wonderful, also!
The fullness of Your wonder, God-
impossible to know,
revealed, though, throughout the day
as I abide with You!
You are so unpredictable,
and yet so very true!"

Father God.  So old...so new...so wonderful!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Lewis and Becky

What a day!
A long day it was, filled with the gamut of emotion!  As day comes to an end, more of reality sets in: our Pastor and his wife are moving.
We held a reception for them today.  Here is my contribution to that reception:

A leader now is leaving;
his presence here no longer.
He taught us much about our Lord.
Because of him, we're stronger.
He helped us laugh...to cry...to learn
by living life his way,
but he included each of us
as he lived life each day!

The leader now is leaving,
but we are not without
because he has prepared two men
and leaves with us no doubt!
And because our Risen Lord
has chosen and anointed
these two able servants that,
divinely, are appointed!

The leader now is leaving-
just his presence, though.
His spirit and his heart remain
in ways we surely know!
His smile, compassion and understanding
will be here always;
and we commit them both to God
to Whom we give all praise!

Please join me in praying for Lewis and Becky.  The task that they had to do here is completed, and now God has called them to another one.  Wherever that place is, they are receiving a great blessing in two wonderful people!
Thanks for the memories,

Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Way to Somewhere

Just moving along...wandering?  Sort of.  But I know that my steps are ordered and God Most High is in control!

On my way to somewhere;
moving...as I'm led.
Based upon the Spirit's move
and the words He's said.
He leads me, He directs me,
He talks to me, also;
On a road to somewhere-
HE knows where I will go!

When I have no direction...
when not an answer be...
I know that God is in control
and taking care of me!

On my way to somewhere-
Jesus' steps to trace.
I can hear His voice and I
can look into His face,
and I can read His Promise
assuring me the route!
On my way to somewhere-
His trust it's all about!

Have you been on this road?
Are you on this road right now?
Call out the Name of Jesus and ask Him what your next move is.  Yes, He is that real and, yes, He will guide and direct you!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Jesus, so real!

Jesus--the reality
of everything You are!
The images from ages seek
to cover up each scar?
O let our words, let our love
not soften Your resolve,
but, Lord, in Your 'reality,'
o make us to involve!

My Lord, there's so much life in You,
there's also pain and death.
All that You have done would cause
the same to have such breath!
I know Your life was far from pleasant,
You--God's very Son!
How painful, therefore, be the words
"Not mine, but Thine be done!"

Jesus, Jesus, resurrection,
Life and life anew!
Unto Your heart, unto the Cross,
o Savior, keep me true!
I will not take for granted, nor
advantage will I take,
but ever, of Your sacrifice
and sufferings, partake!

Have you partaken of Jesus Christ?  It's not all singing and celebrating.  Sometimes, it is suffering.  Not everybody wants to hear that.  Sometimes, it is sacrificing.  (Even fewer want to hear that!)  But it is all worth it!!  JESUS CHRIST IS WORTH IT!

Won't you find out for yourself?  And when you do, never lose sight of that relevance!

Four days

Going back home.
Leaving beautiful people behind.
Taking beautiful memories with us.
12 hours of driving before us;
timeless memories behind us...

"Papa, can you read me stories tonight?"
"Papa, can you play Hot Wheels with me?"
"Papa, you help with my bath tonight?"
"Papa, can you ____________________?"

Four days alone with grandkids.
Four days of pure joy!
Four days of learning that my joints can no longer do what the children want them to.
Four days that I will never forget!
"Thank You, Father God, for the past four days...and every day!"

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I think I saw another example of what "panic" is today.  Once again, there is predicted a nasty winter storm starting in the morning.  Therefore, just about every restaurant was full today of people coming to town to gather "stuff" just in case we get snowed in...or worse.

So busy are the businesses
with Spring approaching soon?
Winter threatens to remind
it is no 'honeymoon!'
Subtle is the panic that's
so easy to behold;
hard to imagine right now, though,
as it's not even cold!

But "another round of winter"
so is the forecast.
How many are the ones to
celebrate when it is past?
But glory to God anyway,
weather matter not,
we have His blessed assurance that,
the elements, He's got!

Thank God for His assurance that, no matter what storm of life arises, He has us in the palm of His hand and He will take care of us!
I have that assurance.  Do you?

Monday, March 2, 2015


Ah...it looks like quite a bit of snow melted overnight!  Is that a cardinal over there?  Are those Blue Jays in that tree?  Are those actually blossoms?!  Praise God!

Hints of season finally!
C'mon Spring, arrive!
I hear the hints in songs of birds
so glad to be alive!
I hear it in the voices of
each weary winter laster;
I hear it in all living crying
"Come, oh Spring, come faster!"

But hints of season I behold
as I'm with God this dawn:
the Blue Jays and the Cardinals
are playing on the lawn!
The squirrels, those great acrobats,
are flying through the limbs,
and I enjoy it all as I
am here reciting hymns!!

So very blessed am I to see
and hear the season's change!
Even to ingest the scent
that order can arrange!
How wonderful, the Father to
cause life be seen and heard,
and even tasted as He comes
and gives without a word!

So wonderful again!  Creator God slowly dropping hints that Spring is just around the corner!  Hang on, ye winter-weary, life is about to happen again!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

While life goes on...

Sometimes, there is something going on in life that you would give just about anything to be a part of.  Such is happening right now as my momma goes through some health issues:

Living life while life goes on-

it surely must be done.
One day at a time sometimes
can be not very fun!
Living here, life happens there-
in both we cannot be;
I fold my hands and pray, and distance
is much less to see!

We all have friends and family
that live not somewhere near,
and life events take place that cause
frustration, pain, and fear!
But God, BUT GOD helps bridge the gap
that, closer we may be,
and as we stand upon His Word
His touch we'll surely see!

Life is happening back there  
where loved ones are residing.
Prayer is going on back here-
with God are we confiding!
Oh that I could be there just
to hold my mother's hand,
but faithfully, here where I must be,
in the gap I stand!

In the gap I stand.  Praying for mom to THE God Who answers prayer. 
Praying and waiting...hoping and trusting...all while God is hearing and answering.
He is so faithful!