Sunday, February 22, 2015

Words too beautiful

The hymns of old.  Have you noticed that we seldom talk that way?  But when we talk to Jesus, (or about Him,) our words change...

"The Presence of You, mighty God,

more valuable than gold!
Yourself in life of every day-
the greatest treasure told!
The Presence of Your holiness
in...around...and through...
Your Presence to set me apart
and keep me ever true!

The Presence of You and Your Word-

abundant and alive!
In Your Presence, o my God,
I prosper and I thrive!
So far beyond 'survival!'
much more than "to exist!"
With You alive inside my life
by 'favor' I am kissed!

O the Presence of You-
the greatest gift of all!
You walk with me...You talk with me...
You answer when I call!
Your favor, it shall be my transport
to that endless day
when faith will don the visual
and we're with You for aye!"

How beautiful the Presence of Jesus...
How wonderful the Presence of Jesus...
How "_______" the Presence of Jesus...there are not enough words known to describe, with positive affirmation, the Presence of Jesus!  However, I will use the words that I know...I will use the words that Holy Spirit teaches me...and they shall suffice until I see Him face to face and learn those words that are too beautiful to know while we are here!

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