Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Words so living!!

God is good, God is great,
His each way I appreciate...

As I am in prayer thinking of the Lord, I get so excited seeing and knowing the reality of Him and His love!

I open up His Word, I read a few lines, a few verses, and the Spirit inside of me cries

Blessed be the Lord Almighty!

Everlasting He!
My soul to cry "AMEN! AMEN!"
in constant victory!
The enemy shall spend his breath,
defeated to remain
because I am possessed by God,
due to a crimson stain!
"For You uphold me in the face
of adversity!
I am strengthened, Lord, no matter
what shall come to be!
I am protected from the ones
who grumble and who hate,
and I am placed inside That Day
that WE shall celebrate!"

Blessed be the Lord, for

everlasting be His grace!
Secure inside His palm--for there
is not a better place!
He protects...He provides...
His Promises are sure!
And, unto That Day avowed,
He makes me to endure!

Blessed be the Lord Almighty,

blessed victory!
Blessed be the Lord Almighty
through eternity!!

So wonderful, so alive is The Word of God!  So alive, so faithful is God to come to me and cause That Word to come to life according to my situation!

He can do the same for you!

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