Saturday, February 28, 2015

White Morning!

Good morning.  What a beautiful day! 
What a different day than it was when we fell asleep...

"Early in the morning when
I rise I bless Your Name!
The night is gone, and Your light,
so faithfully, it came!
Come for to illuminate
each opportunity
that You have set in front of us-
Your faithfulness to see!

Early on THIS morning, though,
the glory of Your light
illuminates the falling snow,
so brilliant and so white!
And so falling even yet
with morning fairly spent!
With Spring but weeks away, I ask
where February went?!

Early on this morning, though,
with praise on my tongue,
I sing to You, Creator God,
(to Whom I long have sung,)
a song of adoration for
the grace You are to form-
all while safely tucked inside
where I might stay so warm!"

The elements once more to remind that winter is not over.  We thought it might be last week when everything melted and the temperatures rose nicely.  But it is so beautiful as it gently falls.
No matter what the weather is doing where you are, try to see the beauty of it, the hand of God in it, and try to enjoy it.  (Yes, I DO know that some of it is NOT enjoyable!)

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