Monday, February 2, 2015


Finally, after about 10 years, I return...

Visiting a foreign land.
So very many proofs at hand
that the days, the days that are,
they are the is not far!

A visitor, for o so brief.
So challenging unto belief!
The sights...the sounds...the actions here
they seem so very queer.

A land afar--I'm but a guest
at someone's sincere request.
I go back home, but just in part
as many here do share my heart!

Visiting a foreign land.
Much time in prayer would it demand!
Especially for the Lord to come,
as painful be its current sum!

A visitor with ones I love.
I pray sincere to God above
for Him to bless and save each one-
such is my calling as a son.

I KNOW that I am more than a mere 'visitor' in this place, but I've lived so far away for so long that so much of this place has become foreign.  Thank God for family members and friends that understand, make us feel welcome and 'at home.'
Enjoy 'home' wherever you are, and KNOW that you are loved by many!

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