Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The "Empty" Beach

A long day. 
So many things got done.  Several yet to do but I need a break!
Ahhh, I know where to go...

"How come so empty is the beach?"
my thoughts as, finally, I reach
that place where we spend so much time
in prayer...in fellowship...in rhyme!

So very empty is the beach,
but not 'deserted' as I reach
and hold the hand of God Most High
as the waves and whispers sigh.

Then "not so empty" is the beach.

For miles and miles does it reach
in each direction as I walk
as He and I enjoy our talk.

An empty beach...but not 'alone.'

Creator God is surely known
in ways that happen only here,
in ways that cause the mind to clear.

Onto the empty beach to climb

and stop the passage of all time
to sit with God, (or walk along;)
o what a blessed, living song!

The beach.  What a wonderful escape from the busy day!  I surely hope you have such an escape where you can 'recharge.'

Don't forget to invite Jesus to go and enjoy it with you!

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