Monday, February 16, 2015

That Meeting Place

Several weeks ago, we got to travel north for a small trip.  If there is one thing that I dislike, it is not being able to be in Church on Sunday.  Yes, it was a vacation, but I still missed that Sunday morning gathering...

In a house so far away...
for Yours, oh Lord, I long!
Time, at last, with family...but
to family I belong!
Vacation?  Yes.  Rest?  Indeed!
But God, I long for You!
And though love is present, to be in
Your house, I'm overdue!
Taking naught from 'family,'
Lord, it is not the same.
I need to be, Lord, in that place
where we sing out Your Name!
Though You are very present in
this place where I'm a guest,
I need Your house...I need Your Church...
I need to be THAT blessed!

So glad when they said to me
"Come, let's go see the Lord!"
For in THAT tabernacle I be
constantly restored!
So longing for that moment only
several days ahead-
my journey then to be complete,
home at last instead!

I surely hope that you have a church that you attend that you dislike missing.  There is nothing like worshiping God with those who love to do the same!

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