Wednesday, February 18, 2015

That Same Beach

The beach.  What a beautiful place.  And, oh, the memories!
I hearken back to those special moments last year at mom and dad's...and that only causes me to reflect further at the hours we would walk girlfriend and I...and talk about what we wanted out of life.  Early on, I did not even know she would be my girlfriend, just one of the girls in the youth group.

So restless is the ocean...
remaining yet confined;
the music of its motion-
God, Himself, designed!
The power it contains,
to fascinate, inspire;
a man and woman on the sand-
ONE life to transpire!

One day at a time, however-
now past 30 years!
The gamut of emotions learned...
while now, said life 'appears!'
Across the country several times,
milestones to reach...
hand-in-hand but still to find us
on an empty beach!

The only thing that has not changed since that day is the beach!

She and I have changed.  Our location has changed.  Even our careers have changed, but we can still return to the SAME place and fall in love all over again...or should I say "still?"

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