Thursday, February 19, 2015

People everywhere!

So many many places...
So grateful to God for allowing me to know them!

Father, oh, my Father,
there is none like You!
Not a person in this life
comes close--it is so true!
But, Father, it's my nature to
look anyway?  Compare?
Every time I do, I find
You absolutely rare!
And even when I do again
You love me anyway!
You embrace me and we talk;
sometimes, words cannot say!
You know my want, You know my need
before I know my own;
there is none like You by Whom
I am completely known!

Father, oh, my Father,
Your love, it has no peer.
The fact that You love me the most
is absolutely clear!
And I will love You in return,
(though I'm just learning how,)
Father, o my Father, know
my love but even now!

Every day that we are alive and able to come in contact with others is a gift!  It also may be a test.  Whatever it may be, we will NEVER come in contact with anyone who loves us more than God does!
Express your love to him in return...often!

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