Monday, February 9, 2015


I long, oh, how I'm longing for
a destination sure!
A home to which I've never been,
but, oh, if I endure,
I shall arrive there at that Place
where not a thing is wrong!
I shall arrive at Heaven's gates--
oh listen...hear that song!!

I long, oh, how I'm longing for
to meet Him face-to-face!
Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
Who saves me by His grace!
He promised I would be with Him
throughout eternity
if I but give to Him my heart
and live triumphantly!

I long, oh, how I'm longing for
the glory of that day!
I long for YOU to be there, too,
oh won't you live His way?
He loves you and He died for you,
yes, and He rose again,
and He longs to redeem your soul
that you be born-again!

I long, oh yes, I'm longing for
that day's reality
when all the glory of That Place
will be each day to see!
"'O come!  O come so quickly, Lord!'
our breath...our word...our song!
The trumpet and the shout, oh Lord,
o let it not be long!"

I am so longing for that Day awaiting!  The more that I see of this world and its 'order,' the more I cry out for Him and cling to His Promises!!
And you?  Don't you give up either!  I promise you that Heaven will be worth all that we are going through in this place!

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