Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Port Hueneme

Once again, I must take a moment apart from all that is going on.  An escape.  To run away?  Not at all, but a moment to catch my breath and focus on the 'bigger picture' that He wants me to see...

Slowly walking on the shore,
at last, I find my seat.
I must come here often just
to make my day complete!
The waves, they say so much to me,
they comfort and console;
the sea--it so excites and helps
to make my being whole!

All of this and more from but
a fraction of creation?
No!  But I know The Creator,
and we have relation!
God the Father, Jesus Christ,
Holy Spirit, too,
sit with me and talk with me
and share the awesome view!

What a wonder: The Creator
in creation grand!
Listening to life alive
where water meets the land!
That on which He walks, and gives
its one and all command
is slowly inching our way as
we sit here on the sand.

Do you have such relationship
with Father God Creator?
Seek it for yourself!  I promise
there is nothing greater!
God, Creator God, He longs
to share so much with you.
Ask Him to live inside your heart-
you'll be so glad you do!!

Enjoying creation with the One Who created it.  All I can do is voice my thanksgiving, awe and wonder as He escorts me to a place of restoration.  Father God taking care of me.
Won't you let Him take care of you?

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