Sunday, February 1, 2015

My tongue-

it shall be a tool of adoration and praise!  Just like the Psalmist said in 35:28:

"My tongue, for it shall bear witness
of Your righteousness.
For it shall tell, it shall repeat
the ways, the ways You bless!
For I cannot keep silent, Lord,
about the Gift You are,
nor of the unending gifts
that never be afar!
The gifts that I desire and
I ask of You in word...
the gifts that YOU desire-
automatically occurred...
the gifts I never think of, yet
You give them anyway...
of such, Lord, will I sing and speak
and write of all the day!

Yes, my tongue, for it shall give account

of everything You give!
My life--it shall example You
in all that I shall live!
And then it shall behold You, Lord,
forever and always
while my tongue shall never cease
to fete You with all praise!!"

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.  He is worthy of all praise and adoration!  He is THE ONE Who inspires these words that flow!

Join me in praising Him, won't you?

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