Friday, February 27, 2015

Mom's ordeal

Life happens.
Life yet happens in places far away that we cannot affect.
Or can we?  Or can We?
No matter what the distance is between that place and myself, I can make that distance disappear by folding my hands and closing my eyes!  Because God is here...and God is there!
I can't be in that hospital room with mom right now, but I can talk to Jesus about it because He is right there in that room with her!
I can't be there to voice to the doctors my frustration about what might be happening, but I can place momma in the hands of God...HE WILL TAKE CARE OF IT!
And here, I must wait.

I do not understand again.
This is too great for me!
I lift my mother up to You, Lord,
all things You can see!
Please take care of her every need,
please make her body whole;
please bless her, Lord, with the assurance
that You're in control!

Things too great for me, indeed,
but not too great for You.
The Truth, the Life, the Way-- You are
mine only avenue.
You hear our each and every prayer,
You answer them, each one;
we lift up mother unto You
and cry "Thy will be done!"

Join me in praying for my mom, won't you?
She needs to have her heart worked on and her kidney worked on.
To us, it is very critical.  To God...well...He knows all things so I'm pretty sure that He is not panicking! 
"I love you, mom.  We are praying for you!"


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