Thursday, February 12, 2015

Life of life!

For some, days are not too busy.
For others, you cannot possibly cram any more seconds into their schedule!
Wherever you are on that scale, don't forget about Life!

Life has had me all the day

Business here...busyness there...
I'm starting to unravel!
I've found a place that's big enough
for only God and I,
and now until He tells me "go,"
this place I'll occupy!

Life has had me all the day,
but LIFE has got me now!
Rest and restoration, His
sweet Presence to avow!
Jesus Christ--my refuge from
the long and busy day;
He is the Truth, He is the Life,
He is the only Way!

Life has had me all the day
and Life has got me yet!
In the Presence of The Life
the day may I forget
as not a thing is greater than
with Jesus, here and now
and the many wonders that
His Presence will allow!

Life has had me all the day
and Jesus--Truth and Life and Way
has been right with me, all along;
thus, now, we sing a joyful song!

Jesus Christ is Life!  He is the One factor that you have time matter what your schedule dictates!
Don't live without Him!

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