Friday, February 20, 2015


The enemy. 
Is it the disease?  Is it the pain?  Is it the treatments?
What about the heart of the matter...

the robbers and the thieves?
Of a truth, the one enduring
is the one who grieves.
But who exactly is the thief
of joy and expectation?
It is not the infirmity-
it is the desperation!

Whatever strikes the body in
the form a disease,
the very same, regardless form,
His Blood is to appease!
Even to abolish
diagnoses that alarm!
Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
protects us from all harm!

The thief of peace some day will cease,
but what will we allow?
This life's afflictions will exist
but greater be His vow,
His vow to give His peace but even
in the storms that are!
Stand on His Word!  Call on His Name-
for He is NEVER far!

NEVER LOSE HOPE!  Then the enemy wins.  Who/what is the enemy?  DESPAIR!  You and I should never give place to the desperation of them that have no Jesus!  No matter what the bank matter what the doctor matter what came in the mail...Jesus Christ remains our hope and He is greater than ANYTHING that attempts to rob us of our Peace.  Cling to Him with all that You have!

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