Sunday, February 8, 2015

"For YOUR Glory!"

A friend of ours was approached recently and offered a position of authority.  Because the position is one that we DO NOT take lightly, he told them that he would pray about it and get back to them.
I had the privilege of joining him in some of those prayers...

"For YOUR glory, o my God,
will I obey and serve;
the finest job that I can do
You warrant...You deserve!
It is an honor just to be
considered for the Call!
It is an honor to belong,
and I will give my all!

For Your glory will I write
about You unto all.
Only due Your grace, oh Lord,
have I the wherewithal!
No good could surely come from me
unless You dwell so deep!
No word could touch another lest
a love for You I keep!

For YOUR glory, o my God,

could I declare success!
Only through Your mercy be there
ANY way to bless!
I belong to You and You
reside in me to keep!
And, for YOUR glory, are the blessings
constantly to reap!"

A few weeks later, two men asked him again if he had considered the offer.  He said to them that he would do it as long as they would agree to pray for him on a regular basis.  I ask the same of you, my readers.  Thank you in advance for those prayers.
Too, I implore you to pray for your pastors and the leadership of your churches.  They need it now more than ever, and God answers the prayers of His faithful!

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