Saturday, February 7, 2015


Time spent with loved ones in a beautiful place.  What a blessing!  Don't ever take it for granted!

Enjoying His creation,
longing for another!
Enjoying family, though, there
ALL to be "sister..." "brother...!"
Yea, though in this place there be
such beauty I can find,
in THAT place ALL is glorious!
Not only is our Father there,
Creator of that Place,
Jesus Christ my Lord is there,
Who saved me by His grace!
My sister, she is waiting there,
she left so long ago,
and now my daddy will be there,
no infirmities to know!

Enjoying this creation with
its every little fault,
while longing for that Perfect Place-
my Jesus to exalt!
"Even so, come quickly, Lord!"
does all creation cry,
longing for that Trumpet sound
that signals us to fly!

Enjoying His creation while
we long for that ahead.
That glory expectation, in
our hearts does He embed!

Don't ever take that time for granted, because you never know what tomorrow may hold.  When I wrote this, I was in the house of four of my most beloved relatives.  Now there are only three there.  What wonderful memories exist!

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