Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another Wonder

All the chores are done.  (Those chores that COULD be done in the ice and snow!)  And now, out in the cold, out in the dark

I gaze into the sky and wonder
"Where does it begin?"
Is it just above my head,
here, where I stand in?
And what about that cloud up there
slowly drifting by?
Be there a Mighty hand to carry
it across the sky?

And do I even have the right
to ponder such a muse?
When I do the same, do I,
a sacred oath, abuse?
One was told to "gird his loins"
and so prepare defense!
Oh but I would as in awe
and not in arrogance!

O never give an answer when,
such query, I to pose!
Even make it to remain
a thing nobody knows!
Lest we obtain Your knowledge and
reside in vain conceit.
Thank You, great and mighty God,
for wisdom incomplete!"

The wonder that God creates. 
Do you think He made some of it to be unreachable by us?  Instead of trying to figure it out, spend that time and effort thanking Him and praising Him for it!

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