Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Another 'first'

February 3, 2015. 
A special day in many ways.  A day containing the gamut of emotions!  Today is mom and dad's wedding anniversary...but it's the first one spent with only mom.
Knowing she is hurting as much as I am, perhaps these words will help:

"Mother--o the life and living
that you have been through.
Looking at you though, it seems
that life's been good to you!
There are situations, though,
and people that have not--
but you rarely let those things affect
the attitude you've got!
I've learned tact from watching you
through the many years.
You've been so very kind to folks
while masking your own tears.
Even the ones that I have known
who treated you the worst,
you've done your very best for them-
and that has put you first!

From wife to mother, to employee,
then to president;
each assignment in between
you've done...and confident!
Now we enjoy you as you share
with later generations;
we see those former qualities
alive in your relations.

Mother--o the life and living
that you share with many!
Marks against your character?
Your loved ones don't have any!
We thank God for the gift you are
to generations yet;
and vow that, who and what you are,
we never shall forget!"

What a blessing it is to have such a mother!
What a disappointment it is to be this far away and only see her and hear her via electronics!
I love you, mom.  I know today is hard for you because it is very painful for me!
I hope to see you soon,

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