Thursday, February 5, 2015


Today was unique.  A different day indeed.  I was just about to sit down and savor lunch when someone sat down beside me.
I don't know that I 'needed' to hear what he had to say, but he certainly needed to share it with someone!
I'm glad I was available.

The world, it has issues;

but we, we have our own.
So full of thanks am I that our
each issue, it is known!
The world's woes, they are addressed
by 'experts' without end;
but WE are taken care of by
the One Who calls us "friend!"
And He has told me of these days
when all the world will fear!
Wars and rumors of the same
will come from far and near...
brother vs. brother...
neighbors be the same...
He said that it would be this way
before again He came!

Everyone has issues.

What shall we do, however?
Give your heart to God alone

and He will leave you never!
He even has escape for you
beyond the days that are!
A day and place that has no issues
is not very far!

There is a lot of pain going on in this world.

There are certain people and places that are supposed to be available for us to escape to.  A safe place.  Someone who will listen.
May we each make ourselves available for the hurting, not add to their pain.

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