Saturday, February 28, 2015

White Morning!

Good morning.  What a beautiful day! 
What a different day than it was when we fell asleep...

"Early in the morning when
I rise I bless Your Name!
The night is gone, and Your light,
so faithfully, it came!
Come for to illuminate
each opportunity
that You have set in front of us-
Your faithfulness to see!

Early on THIS morning, though,
the glory of Your light
illuminates the falling snow,
so brilliant and so white!
And so falling even yet
with morning fairly spent!
With Spring but weeks away, I ask
where February went?!

Early on this morning, though,
with praise on my tongue,
I sing to You, Creator God,
(to Whom I long have sung,)
a song of adoration for
the grace You are to form-
all while safely tucked inside
where I might stay so warm!"

The elements once more to remind that winter is not over.  We thought it might be last week when everything melted and the temperatures rose nicely.  But it is so beautiful as it gently falls.
No matter what the weather is doing where you are, try to see the beauty of it, the hand of God in it, and try to enjoy it.  (Yes, I DO know that some of it is NOT enjoyable!)

Friday, February 27, 2015

Mom's ordeal

Life happens.
Life yet happens in places far away that we cannot affect.
Or can we?  Or can We?
No matter what the distance is between that place and myself, I can make that distance disappear by folding my hands and closing my eyes!  Because God is here...and God is there!
I can't be in that hospital room with mom right now, but I can talk to Jesus about it because He is right there in that room with her!
I can't be there to voice to the doctors my frustration about what might be happening, but I can place momma in the hands of God...HE WILL TAKE CARE OF IT!
And here, I must wait.

I do not understand again.
This is too great for me!
I lift my mother up to You, Lord,
all things You can see!
Please take care of her every need,
please make her body whole;
please bless her, Lord, with the assurance
that You're in control!

Things too great for me, indeed,
but not too great for You.
The Truth, the Life, the Way-- You are
mine only avenue.
You hear our each and every prayer,
You answer them, each one;
we lift up mother unto You
and cry "Thy will be done!"

Join me in praying for my mom, won't you?
She needs to have her heart worked on and her kidney worked on.
To us, it is very critical.  To God...well...He knows all things so I'm pretty sure that He is not panicking! 
"I love you, mom.  We are praying for you!"


Sunday, February 22, 2015

Words too beautiful

The hymns of old.  Have you noticed that we seldom talk that way?  But when we talk to Jesus, (or about Him,) our words change...

"The Presence of You, mighty God,

more valuable than gold!
Yourself in life of every day-
the greatest treasure told!
The Presence of Your holiness
in...around...and through...
Your Presence to set me apart
and keep me ever true!

The Presence of You and Your Word-

abundant and alive!
In Your Presence, o my God,
I prosper and I thrive!
So far beyond 'survival!'
much more than "to exist!"
With You alive inside my life
by 'favor' I am kissed!

O the Presence of You-
the greatest gift of all!
You walk with me...You talk with me...
You answer when I call!
Your favor, it shall be my transport
to that endless day
when faith will don the visual
and we're with You for aye!"

How beautiful the Presence of Jesus...
How wonderful the Presence of Jesus...
How "_______" the Presence of Jesus...there are not enough words known to describe, with positive affirmation, the Presence of Jesus!  However, I will use the words that I know...I will use the words that Holy Spirit teaches me...and they shall suffice until I see Him face to face and learn those words that are too beautiful to know while we are here!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Another Wonder

All the chores are done.  (Those chores that COULD be done in the ice and snow!)  And now, out in the cold, out in the dark

I gaze into the sky and wonder
"Where does it begin?"
Is it just above my head,
here, where I stand in?
And what about that cloud up there
slowly drifting by?
Be there a Mighty hand to carry
it across the sky?

And do I even have the right
to ponder such a muse?
When I do the same, do I,
a sacred oath, abuse?
One was told to "gird his loins"
and so prepare defense!
Oh but I would as in awe
and not in arrogance!

O never give an answer when,
such query, I to pose!
Even make it to remain
a thing nobody knows!
Lest we obtain Your knowledge and
reside in vain conceit.
Thank You, great and mighty God,
for wisdom incomplete!"

The wonder that God creates. 
Do you think He made some of it to be unreachable by us?  Instead of trying to figure it out, spend that time and effort thanking Him and praising Him for it!

Friday, February 20, 2015


The enemy. 
Is it the disease?  Is it the pain?  Is it the treatments?
What about the heart of the matter...

the robbers and the thieves?
Of a truth, the one enduring
is the one who grieves.
But who exactly is the thief
of joy and expectation?
It is not the infirmity-
it is the desperation!

Whatever strikes the body in
the form a disease,
the very same, regardless form,
His Blood is to appease!
Even to abolish
diagnoses that alarm!
Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
protects us from all harm!

The thief of peace some day will cease,
but what will we allow?
This life's afflictions will exist
but greater be His vow,
His vow to give His peace but even
in the storms that are!
Stand on His Word!  Call on His Name-
for He is NEVER far!

NEVER LOSE HOPE!  Then the enemy wins.  Who/what is the enemy?  DESPAIR!  You and I should never give place to the desperation of them that have no Jesus!  No matter what the bank matter what the doctor matter what came in the mail...Jesus Christ remains our hope and He is greater than ANYTHING that attempts to rob us of our Peace.  Cling to Him with all that You have!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

People everywhere!

So many many places...
So grateful to God for allowing me to know them!

Father, oh, my Father,
there is none like You!
Not a person in this life
comes close--it is so true!
But, Father, it's my nature to
look anyway?  Compare?
Every time I do, I find
You absolutely rare!
And even when I do again
You love me anyway!
You embrace me and we talk;
sometimes, words cannot say!
You know my want, You know my need
before I know my own;
there is none like You by Whom
I am completely known!

Father, oh, my Father,
Your love, it has no peer.
The fact that You love me the most
is absolutely clear!
And I will love You in return,
(though I'm just learning how,)
Father, o my Father, know
my love but even now!

Every day that we are alive and able to come in contact with others is a gift!  It also may be a test.  Whatever it may be, we will NEVER come in contact with anyone who loves us more than God does!
Express your love to him in return...often!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

That Same Beach

The beach.  What a beautiful place.  And, oh, the memories!
I hearken back to those special moments last year at mom and dad's...and that only causes me to reflect further at the hours we would walk girlfriend and I...and talk about what we wanted out of life.  Early on, I did not even know she would be my girlfriend, just one of the girls in the youth group.

So restless is the ocean...
remaining yet confined;
the music of its motion-
God, Himself, designed!
The power it contains,
to fascinate, inspire;
a man and woman on the sand-
ONE life to transpire!

One day at a time, however-
now past 30 years!
The gamut of emotions learned...
while now, said life 'appears!'
Across the country several times,
milestones to reach...
hand-in-hand but still to find us
on an empty beach!

The only thing that has not changed since that day is the beach!

She and I have changed.  Our location has changed.  Even our careers have changed, but we can still return to the SAME place and fall in love all over again...or should I say "still?"

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The "Empty" Beach

A long day. 
So many things got done.  Several yet to do but I need a break!
Ahhh, I know where to go...

"How come so empty is the beach?"
my thoughts as, finally, I reach
that place where we spend so much time
in rhyme!

So very empty is the beach,
but not 'deserted' as I reach
and hold the hand of God Most High
as the waves and whispers sigh.

Then "not so empty" is the beach.

For miles and miles does it reach
in each direction as I walk
as He and I enjoy our talk.

An empty beach...but not 'alone.'

Creator God is surely known
in ways that happen only here,
in ways that cause the mind to clear.

Onto the empty beach to climb

and stop the passage of all time
to sit with God, (or walk along;)
o what a blessed, living song!

The beach.  What a wonderful escape from the busy day!  I surely hope you have such an escape where you can 'recharge.'

Don't forget to invite Jesus to go and enjoy it with you!

Monday, February 16, 2015

That Meeting Place

Several weeks ago, we got to travel north for a small trip.  If there is one thing that I dislike, it is not being able to be in Church on Sunday.  Yes, it was a vacation, but I still missed that Sunday morning gathering...

In a house so far away...
for Yours, oh Lord, I long!
Time, at last, with family...but
to family I belong!
Vacation?  Yes.  Rest?  Indeed!
But God, I long for You!
And though love is present, to be in
Your house, I'm overdue!
Taking naught from 'family,'
Lord, it is not the same.
I need to be, Lord, in that place
where we sing out Your Name!
Though You are very present in
this place where I'm a guest,
I need Your house...I need Your Church...
I need to be THAT blessed!

So glad when they said to me
"Come, let's go see the Lord!"
For in THAT tabernacle I be
constantly restored!
So longing for that moment only
several days ahead-
my journey then to be complete,
home at last instead!

I surely hope that you have a church that you attend that you dislike missing.  There is nothing like worshiping God with those who love to do the same!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Life of life!

For some, days are not too busy.
For others, you cannot possibly cram any more seconds into their schedule!
Wherever you are on that scale, don't forget about Life!

Life has had me all the day

Business here...busyness there...
I'm starting to unravel!
I've found a place that's big enough
for only God and I,
and now until He tells me "go,"
this place I'll occupy!

Life has had me all the day,
but LIFE has got me now!
Rest and restoration, His
sweet Presence to avow!
Jesus Christ--my refuge from
the long and busy day;
He is the Truth, He is the Life,
He is the only Way!

Life has had me all the day
and Life has got me yet!
In the Presence of The Life
the day may I forget
as not a thing is greater than
with Jesus, here and now
and the many wonders that
His Presence will allow!

Life has had me all the day
and Jesus--Truth and Life and Way
has been right with me, all along;
thus, now, we sing a joyful song!

Jesus Christ is Life!  He is the One factor that you have time matter what your schedule dictates!
Don't live without Him!

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Port Hueneme

Once again, I must take a moment apart from all that is going on.  An escape.  To run away?  Not at all, but a moment to catch my breath and focus on the 'bigger picture' that He wants me to see...

Slowly walking on the shore,
at last, I find my seat.
I must come here often just
to make my day complete!
The waves, they say so much to me,
they comfort and console;
the sea--it so excites and helps
to make my being whole!

All of this and more from but
a fraction of creation?
No!  But I know The Creator,
and we have relation!
God the Father, Jesus Christ,
Holy Spirit, too,
sit with me and talk with me
and share the awesome view!

What a wonder: The Creator
in creation grand!
Listening to life alive
where water meets the land!
That on which He walks, and gives
its one and all command
is slowly inching our way as
we sit here on the sand.

Do you have such relationship
with Father God Creator?
Seek it for yourself!  I promise
there is nothing greater!
God, Creator God, He longs
to share so much with you.
Ask Him to live inside your heart-
you'll be so glad you do!!

Enjoying creation with the One Who created it.  All I can do is voice my thanksgiving, awe and wonder as He escorts me to a place of restoration.  Father God taking care of me.
Won't you let Him take care of you?

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Words so living!!

God is good, God is great,
His each way I appreciate...

As I am in prayer thinking of the Lord, I get so excited seeing and knowing the reality of Him and His love!

I open up His Word, I read a few lines, a few verses, and the Spirit inside of me cries

Blessed be the Lord Almighty!

Everlasting He!
My soul to cry "AMEN! AMEN!"
in constant victory!
The enemy shall spend his breath,
defeated to remain
because I am possessed by God,
due to a crimson stain!
"For You uphold me in the face
of adversity!
I am strengthened, Lord, no matter
what shall come to be!
I am protected from the ones
who grumble and who hate,
and I am placed inside That Day
that WE shall celebrate!"

Blessed be the Lord, for

everlasting be His grace!
Secure inside His palm--for there
is not a better place!
He protects...He provides...
His Promises are sure!
And, unto That Day avowed,
He makes me to endure!

Blessed be the Lord Almighty,

blessed victory!
Blessed be the Lord Almighty
through eternity!!

So wonderful, so alive is The Word of God!  So alive, so faithful is God to come to me and cause That Word to come to life according to my situation!

He can do the same for you!

Monday, February 9, 2015


I long, oh, how I'm longing for
a destination sure!
A home to which I've never been,
but, oh, if I endure,
I shall arrive there at that Place
where not a thing is wrong!
I shall arrive at Heaven's gates--
oh listen...hear that song!!

I long, oh, how I'm longing for
to meet Him face-to-face!
Jesus Christ, the Son of God,
Who saves me by His grace!
He promised I would be with Him
throughout eternity
if I but give to Him my heart
and live triumphantly!

I long, oh, how I'm longing for
the glory of that day!
I long for YOU to be there, too,
oh won't you live His way?
He loves you and He died for you,
yes, and He rose again,
and He longs to redeem your soul
that you be born-again!

I long, oh yes, I'm longing for
that day's reality
when all the glory of That Place
will be each day to see!
"'O come!  O come so quickly, Lord!'
our breath...our word...our song!
The trumpet and the shout, oh Lord,
o let it not be long!"

I am so longing for that Day awaiting!  The more that I see of this world and its 'order,' the more I cry out for Him and cling to His Promises!!
And you?  Don't you give up either!  I promise you that Heaven will be worth all that we are going through in this place!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

"For YOUR Glory!"

A friend of ours was approached recently and offered a position of authority.  Because the position is one that we DO NOT take lightly, he told them that he would pray about it and get back to them.
I had the privilege of joining him in some of those prayers...

"For YOUR glory, o my God,
will I obey and serve;
the finest job that I can do
You warrant...You deserve!
It is an honor just to be
considered for the Call!
It is an honor to belong,
and I will give my all!

For Your glory will I write
about You unto all.
Only due Your grace, oh Lord,
have I the wherewithal!
No good could surely come from me
unless You dwell so deep!
No word could touch another lest
a love for You I keep!

For YOUR glory, o my God,

could I declare success!
Only through Your mercy be there
ANY way to bless!
I belong to You and You
reside in me to keep!
And, for YOUR glory, are the blessings
constantly to reap!"

A few weeks later, two men asked him again if he had considered the offer.  He said to them that he would do it as long as they would agree to pray for him on a regular basis.  I ask the same of you, my readers.  Thank you in advance for those prayers.
Too, I implore you to pray for your pastors and the leadership of your churches.  They need it now more than ever, and God answers the prayers of His faithful!

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Time spent with loved ones in a beautiful place.  What a blessing!  Don't ever take it for granted!

Enjoying His creation,
longing for another!
Enjoying family, though, there
ALL to be "sister..." "brother...!"
Yea, though in this place there be
such beauty I can find,
in THAT place ALL is glorious!
Not only is our Father there,
Creator of that Place,
Jesus Christ my Lord is there,
Who saved me by His grace!
My sister, she is waiting there,
she left so long ago,
and now my daddy will be there,
no infirmities to know!

Enjoying this creation with
its every little fault,
while longing for that Perfect Place-
my Jesus to exalt!
"Even so, come quickly, Lord!"
does all creation cry,
longing for that Trumpet sound
that signals us to fly!

Enjoying His creation while
we long for that ahead.
That glory expectation, in
our hearts does He embed!

Don't ever take that time for granted, because you never know what tomorrow may hold.  When I wrote this, I was in the house of four of my most beloved relatives.  Now there are only three there.  What wonderful memories exist!

Thursday, February 5, 2015


Today was unique.  A different day indeed.  I was just about to sit down and savor lunch when someone sat down beside me.
I don't know that I 'needed' to hear what he had to say, but he certainly needed to share it with someone!
I'm glad I was available.

The world, it has issues;

but we, we have our own.
So full of thanks am I that our
each issue, it is known!
The world's woes, they are addressed
by 'experts' without end;
but WE are taken care of by
the One Who calls us "friend!"
And He has told me of these days
when all the world will fear!
Wars and rumors of the same
will come from far and near...
brother vs. brother...
neighbors be the same...
He said that it would be this way
before again He came!

Everyone has issues.

What shall we do, however?
Give your heart to God alone

and He will leave you never!
He even has escape for you
beyond the days that are!
A day and place that has no issues
is not very far!

There is a lot of pain going on in this world.

There are certain people and places that are supposed to be available for us to escape to.  A safe place.  Someone who will listen.
May we each make ourselves available for the hurting, not add to their pain.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Back to the beach

Back in a very busy place.
Taking care of things as best I can, while at the same time trying to relax and enjoy.
Ah, I know what to do...

Escaping to the ocean-
once more it must be done!
There to walk along the shore
away from everyone...
and away from everything?
Here, though, I can think;
and as We talk about those 'things,'
they begin to shrink!
As I am walking with The One
Who's in complete control,
and He desires I release
each 'thing' to Him in whole!
For He can handle anything
and everything at all;
and, in the restless ocean waves,
I listen to Him call.

What a blest escape from
everything that has to be.
One day away from life that takes
so much from such as we!
One day so filled with Jesus and
the workings of His hand:
the mighty sea...the empty sky...
and miles and miles of sand.

No matter how much time it takes, Jesus never says "I gotta go now."
No matter how far we walk down the beach, He never tells me "It's time to turn around."
And no matter what is on my mind to talk about, He never says "I don't wanna hear it!"
So much happening.  A lot of things that I don't want to deal with or even think about.  I must, however.  And I know I will be able to when We are done with our walk.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Another 'first'

February 3, 2015. 
A special day in many ways.  A day containing the gamut of emotions!  Today is mom and dad's wedding anniversary...but it's the first one spent with only mom.
Knowing she is hurting as much as I am, perhaps these words will help:

"Mother--o the life and living
that you have been through.
Looking at you though, it seems
that life's been good to you!
There are situations, though,
and people that have not--
but you rarely let those things affect
the attitude you've got!
I've learned tact from watching you
through the many years.
You've been so very kind to folks
while masking your own tears.
Even the ones that I have known
who treated you the worst,
you've done your very best for them-
and that has put you first!

From wife to mother, to employee,
then to president;
each assignment in between
you've done...and confident!
Now we enjoy you as you share
with later generations;
we see those former qualities
alive in your relations.

Mother--o the life and living
that you share with many!
Marks against your character?
Your loved ones don't have any!
We thank God for the gift you are
to generations yet;
and vow that, who and what you are,
we never shall forget!"

What a blessing it is to have such a mother!
What a disappointment it is to be this far away and only see her and hear her via electronics!
I love you, mom.  I know today is hard for you because it is very painful for me!
I hope to see you soon,

Monday, February 2, 2015


Finally, after about 10 years, I return...

Visiting a foreign land.
So very many proofs at hand
that the days, the days that are,
they are the is not far!

A visitor, for o so brief.
So challenging unto belief!
The sights...the sounds...the actions here
they seem so very queer.

A land afar--I'm but a guest
at someone's sincere request.
I go back home, but just in part
as many here do share my heart!

Visiting a foreign land.
Much time in prayer would it demand!
Especially for the Lord to come,
as painful be its current sum!

A visitor with ones I love.
I pray sincere to God above
for Him to bless and save each one-
such is my calling as a son.

I KNOW that I am more than a mere 'visitor' in this place, but I've lived so far away for so long that so much of this place has become foreign.  Thank God for family members and friends that understand, make us feel welcome and 'at home.'
Enjoy 'home' wherever you are, and KNOW that you are loved by many!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

My tongue-

it shall be a tool of adoration and praise!  Just like the Psalmist said in 35:28:

"My tongue, for it shall bear witness
of Your righteousness.
For it shall tell, it shall repeat
the ways, the ways You bless!
For I cannot keep silent, Lord,
about the Gift You are,
nor of the unending gifts
that never be afar!
The gifts that I desire and
I ask of You in word...
the gifts that YOU desire-
automatically occurred...
the gifts I never think of, yet
You give them anyway...
of such, Lord, will I sing and speak
and write of all the day!

Yes, my tongue, for it shall give account

of everything You give!
My life--it shall example You
in all that I shall live!
And then it shall behold You, Lord,
forever and always
while my tongue shall never cease
to fete You with all praise!!"

Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.  He is worthy of all praise and adoration!  He is THE ONE Who inspires these words that flow!

Join me in praising Him, won't you?