Sunday, January 4, 2015


(These words are not written for my glory, but for God's glory through me.)
So, you think you're worth something, huh?  To who?!
I wondered that one day.  Here is how the rest of the day went:

At an unfamiliar place,
a quiet place to dine.
"That table over by the wall.
It will do just fine."
Quite a few more in this place,
a few faces but no names;
It's places such as this where God
enjoys His many games!

"Excuse me.  Do you recognize me?"

(torturous to me!!)
"When I conduct business with you,
God is Who I see.
Thank you for who you are and how
you let God move through you;
it's but a small reminder of
the many things you do!"

So, you still think you're worth something?  YOU ARE!!  Of a truth, you are worth something to God.  He sent His very Son for you.  You may be surprised to find out who else you are worth something to.  Whoever you are and whatever you do, someone looks forward to seeing you each day.  They look forward to your smile.  They look forward to your greeting.  They look forward to your encouragement.  They look forward to....the list goes on!  Don't disappoint them. 
It is God moving through you.
It is Holy Spirit drawing them to you.
It is Jesus speaking and reaching through you.
Why are They using you?  Because you are available!

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