Thursday, January 15, 2015

"What shall be said?"

Do you ever wonder that when you go to prayer?  Or how about just having a casual conversation with Jesus?

So many words have I to say,

but, God, make them Your own!
I can prejudice them, Lord,
but not if YOU are known!
They may not be the easiest
for man to read or hear,
but when YOU are the inspiration
Your Truth will be clear!
As I avail my pen to what
You want the page to say,
someone will be blessed, convicted
or be changed today!
So is the prayer of this writer
as I yield to You,
picking up the pen and paper
seeking that anew!

So many words I want to say-
I give them all to You
Arrange and rearrange them that,
the most good, they will do!
For Your glory and Yours only-
let YOUR will be done
all with breath to praise You, Father,
Spirit and The Son!"

So many words?  I hope not!!  I hope that Life is seen and felt and heard in all of the words that come from this man!  You never know who is listening...

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