Friday, January 9, 2015

Treasured time!

In the early, early when
the lights begin to shine,
hummingbirds are busy seeking
out the sweetest wine.
Other birds are busy singing,
welcoming the day;
and God and I are listening
to what each has to say.

That time again when all creation,
once again, is new...
that time when all that grows outside
is savoring the dew...
that time of living quiet that,
most certainly, is not...
it is that time when Christ, my full
attention, He has got!

O the early, early when
Our time, it is the most!
How beautiful to spend with Father,
Son and Holy Ghost!
Refreshing and rejuvenating,
wonderful with Him!
How heavenly--the early, early
with that glory shim!

Morning.  So valuable. 
YOU have the opportunity to decide how the day will go.  Of course God orders your steps and His will is going to be accomplished, but He so longs and desires for your input, too!
Make the most of that time!

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