Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Tomorrow without me...

One more day closer to Jesus.  How many more days to go?
Do you even think about that?

When tomorrow starts without me
I know life will go on.
To almost everybody else,
it's just another dawn;
to them that dearly love me
it may be a sadder day;
but if tomorrow starts without me
I will sing, rejoice and play!
'Cause when tomorrow starts without me
I'll be in another place.
I will o longer be in pain,
I will be with His Grace!
All the stresses of this life
I will recall no more;
I'll be enjoying Jesus Christ
and what He has in store!

If tomorrow starts without me
I won't lose my life...I'LL WIN!
In that place will I be free
from ugliness and sin!
I actually look forward to
that "tomorrow" just ahead
when I release this world and,
by Jesus, I am led!

There will definitely be tomorrows.  One of them will eventually be without our presence here.  Do you have plans for that day?  I know I do, and I certainly pray that you do, also!

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