Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Shoreline

So much happening...all at the speed of life.
Sometimes, that 'speed' is not always enjoyable!  But I know where we can escape...

Silence on the shoreline

save waves that do not end;
In a place immune from time
we walk now with our Friend.
He has seen the issues of
the year that we have had,
and He has NEVER left our side
through good or through the bad.
And notice, on the shoreline,
our Friend is even here!
He even talks about all things,
(as only HE sees clear!)
He has heard all that was said
and seen all that was done,
yet He is still right here beside-
the one and only One!

So wonderful, the shoreline,
and, more, the Company!
The Father, Son and Holy Spirit-
Blessed Trinity!
The Creator in creation
chaperones we two
and tries to help us to make sense
of what the world can do.

Silence on the shoreline?
No!  Constant adoration
as my wife and I enjoy
His precious restoration!

Faithful God, meeting us at His creation, having exactly what we need.
Though life continues on at a certain pace, we remain so blessed!


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