Friday, January 23, 2015

Starting the day

Another beautiful day.
Once again, God provides us with all that we will need to face all that life will contain today, and He orders our steps.  It is up to each one of us to follow those steps and utilize those tools.

Watching morning formulate,

the making of the day.
I call on God, creator God,
in Jesus' Name I pray.
Walking with Him...talking with Him...
listening and hearing...
all the while witnessing
what he holds so endearing;
deer upon the meadow in
the valley over there...
hawks so slow upon the glide,
suspended in the air...
rolling hills and rivers as
they are meandering south...
all the while, trying to
manipulate my mouth!
What are words as I behold
Jehovah God creating?!
O, but time should come to halt
as life is celebrating!!
For yourself behold the touch
of God upon the land
at just the whisper of His voice
and moving of His hand!!

It is not for me to fret and ask what this day will contain, it IS up to me to be prepared and stand ready for the wonder of it.  I can only do that by talking with Jesus and reading The Bible!

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