Wednesday, January 28, 2015


God's wonderful matter how small!

Still...beneath a hummingbird
oblivious to me?
As long as there be nectar, it's like
that is all they see!
Even when I stand and hold
the feeder with my hand,
with very little apprehension,
still, they come and land!

Yet one more example of
God's wonderful creation.
This hummingbird becomes another
way of celebration!
Causing me to glorify
Creator God once more;
causing yet my joy and wonder
once again to soar!!

But to celebrate while being
absolutely still
as he returns unto the fount
that, frequently, we fill!
God Creator, once again
to thrill and fascinate
with such a complex, simple treasure
for which I must wait!

Before we left mom's, the hummingbird would come to perch on the feeder and I would gently rub its belly.  He would jump when he had enough of me, and land again when I put my hand down.  What a blessing!  Amazing!

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