Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Rest Stop

What...where...and when is my refuge?

In the peace of Autumn
my Refuge I enjoy.
Beholding of the living blaze-
what praises to employ!
My Refuge is my Father and
I praise His mighty Name!
Creator of creation and
the Artist of the flame!

Again, the glory of the fall
in radiance abounding.
Praise and worship unto God-
also, it be resounding!
Bow before His Majesty
as He creates the same,
and as the spectrum comes to life
sing praises to His Name!

"Glory, glory unto You, Creator!
Praise and adoration is Your Own!
As we bear witness of You in creation
reverential worship become known!"

In the peace of autumn,
Lord, we retreat to You!
In Your awesome Presence we
so clarify our view!
We see Your arm extended,
the working of Your hand,
and we join all creation as
we praise You in this land!

If there is no other place to 'escape,' just look out the window...into the the far mountains... any place where His evidence shines!  Cry out His Name and He will lift you up!

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